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Catalina Restrepo's professional profile is unique. She has been a promoter, manager, curator, editor, teacher and art dealer. She has founded many successful projects in several different sectors; commercial, academic, independent and alternative. It is rare to find an advisor who understands the art market from the perspective of an artist and producer;  just as rare is for artists to find a promoter who knows so closely the processes and protocols behind a selection, whether from the perspective of a collector or a curator. Catalina knows the medium of art from all angles. She understands the interests of each professional profile in the media and is always in search of the common good, streamlining processes, optimizing efforts and generating community. Throughout her extensive career, all these traits have continued to converge in a large number of projects founded and developed by her.

Catalina Restrepo Leongómez

Catalina Restrepo was born in Bogotá, Colombia in 1982. She graduated from the School of Visual Arts of the Javeriana University in Bogotá in 2007. In 2006, she founded LivingArtRoom with the purpose of promoting the work of professional contemporary artists through comprehensive portfolios. In 2010, she created LARMAGAZINE, an interactive and bilingual contemporary art magazine in app format, which has been presented in such prestigious forums as ARCOmadrid, Zona MACO, ARTBO and arteBA, to name a few. In 2020 Co-founded  ArtWorks, an alternative model of gallery and incubator in Monterrey. In 2015, she launched an educational platform for the professionalization, promotion and connection for the local artistic community called LARSCHOOL. In 2014, she developed FOCUS, a program for the professionalization and networking of outstanding artists, for which she developed two conference cycles as part of the same program with international guests, to be held at the Escuela Adolfo Prieto of CONARTE. The same year she was invited to the Young Curators Workshop program at the 8th Berlin Biennale. From 2013 to 2015, Catalina was a professor at the LCI Monterrey University and has taught Self-Promotion and Management courses in different museums and art institutions in different cities: the Amparo Museum in Puebla, the MARCO Museum of Contemporary Art in Monterrey, Casa Vecina in Mexico City and CONARTE in Monterrey. In addition, she has carried out several curatorships in exhibition spaces in Monterrey, Mexico City and Bogotá. Catalina is the author of the book Artist Portfolio, a key tool for a successful promotion of the PUNTAL collection (foreword by Felipe Ehrenberg) edited by the Javier Marín Foundation.




2001-2007 Bachelor of Visual Arts, with emphasis in audiovisual expression. Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Bogotá.



Portafolio de artista. Una herramienta clave para una promoción exitosa, prólogo por
Felipe Ehrenberg, colección PUNTAL, editorial Fundación Javier Marín. Ciudad de



Co-founder of ArtWorks, an alternative model of gallery, advisory and artists
incubator. Monterrey, México.


Director and founder of LARMAGAZINE Interactive magazine in app format about
international contemporary art . Present at contemporary art fairs such as Art Basel Miami
Beach, ARCOmadrid, ARTBO, ArteBA, Zona Maco, among others. With covers of artists such as Santiago Sierra, Olafur Eliasson, María José Arjona, Beatriz González, Stelarc,
Andres Serrano, Nick Cave, teamLab, Alfredo Jaar, Urs Fischer, Janet Echelman,
Eduardo Kac, Björn Melhus, Amalia Ulman, to name just a few.


Director and founder of LARSCHOOL. Platform for linking and training professional
field of contemporary art in which several of the most outstanding projects of the local art
scene have been gestated, such as Still Life Monterrey, Deadline, the alternative space
TIMBA, FAMA Mexican accessible art fair, between others. Monterrey Mexico.


PrestoMiCasa,artist talks hosted in different locations in the city. Monterey, Mexico.


Director and founder of the LivingArtRoom project. Website that promoted artists
through complete portfolios. This platform shown portfolios from well known artists at the beginning of their careers, as for example: Miler Lagos, Rochelle Costi, Mauricio Limóm, Julia Carrillo Escalera, Maria Garcia-Ibanez, Tania Ximena, Rodrigo Facundo, Saul Sanchez, Carlos Castro, Adriana Salazar, to name just a few



Executive Producer and Director of the programs Fine Arts Review and Perfiles, dedicated to the diffusion of artists and exhibitions, Xclusive TV channel. Mexico City



Founding member of the alternative space YAUTEPEC 103. Mexico City



Director of the Rococó gallery. Bogota, Colombia




LAR-LOCAL. In collaboration with Paola Livas. Exhibition Space in San Pedro Garza Garcia, N,L.Mexico


2016- 2021

PrestoMiCasa Artist Talks. Event organizer where artists and promoters from the local Monterrey art scene presented their work. Monterrey, N.L, Mexico



FOCUS, what are we talking about? Collective exhibition Casa dela Cultura de Nuevo León, from the National Council for Culture and the Arts of Nuevo León (CONARTE). Monterrey Mexico    

The House in the Air. Solo exhibition by María Fernanda Barrero. Casa de la Cultura de Nuevo León, Consejo Nacional Para La Cultura y Las Artes de  Nuevo León (CONARTE). Monterrey, México


50 Artists, One Impulse. Exhibition for the benefit of Andares A.C. San Pedro Garza García. N.L, México. 

Selección Natural. Solo exhibition by Ernesto Walker. Casa de la Cultura de Nuevo León, CONARTE. Monterrey, México.


I, Primate. Collective exhibition. BORDER Cultural Center. Mexico City.


The Garden of Earthly Delights. Collective exhibition. Parada 54 Gallery. Mexico City.

LivingArtRoom stand. La Otra, Contemporary art fair. Bogota Colombia.


Nada Igual, Sofía Reyes Guevara, Santiago Monge y Juan Pablo Echeverri. Rococó gallery. Bogotá, Colombia




Panelist next to Pablo Helguera and Franklin Aguirre in the talk Live Dialogue! Museums and new paradigms in Education. Museum of Modern Art of Bogota (MAMBO). Bogota , Colombia

Jury for FAMA Accessible Mexican Art Fair. Monterrey Mexico.


Jury of the Nuevo León Architecture Biennial. Monterrey Mexico.

Silex. Discussion table: online editorials, electronic literature and webcomics. Digital Culture Center. Mexico City.

Guest speaker on Practices and resonances between Colombia and Mexico, Centro Roberto Garza Sada CRGS. University of Monterrey UDEM. Monterrey, Mexico.


Member of the Technical Committee ruling on the call for Fiscal Stimulus to the Artistic
creation, National Council for Culture and the Arts of Nuevo León (CONTATE). Monterrey, Mexico.

Conference on the Art Market, Accessible Contemporary Art Fair (FAMA). San Pedro Garza Garcia, N.L, Mexico


Participation in the Curriculum Consultation Forum of the School of Plastic Arts "Prof. Rubén Herrera” from the Autonomous University of Coahuila. Saltillo, Mexico.

2016 Conversation with Miguel Fernandez and Bruno Bresani; XIV Photography Meeting. CONARTE, N.L, Mexico.

Conversation with the photographer Yvonne Vanegas, Heartego gallery. San Pedro Garza Garcia, N.L, Mexico.


Invited to the Young Curators Workshop program; 8th Berlin Biennale; Berlin Germany.


Conference Speaker: Contemporary or Non-Contemporary. XI Forum of Photography. Myths and realities of Photography. WITH YOU. Monterrey Mexico.

Jury for the PIDAC stimulus of the National Council for Culture and the Arts of Nuevo Leon (CONARTE). Monterrey Mexico.


Speaker at Art as a Device Conference. Faculty of Visual Arts.UANL, Monterrey Mexico.

Panelist in the talk with Maria Fernanda Barrero about her exhibition. Facultad Libre de Derecho. Monterrey, México.

Conference speaker: Self-promotion and Management for Artists. MARCO Museum of Monterrey. Monterrey, Mexico.


Development of the "Connect with art" program, carried out within the framework of the
program Javerian connection. Pontifical Javeriana University. Bogota Colombia.



Course on Art Market. Javier Marin Foundation. Mexico City.


Laboratory of Business and Profitable Cultural Projects. LARSCHOOL, Monterrey, Mexico.



Contemporary Art Market, LARSCHOOL. Monterrey Mexico.


Portfolio and Self-management Workshop, Leunun. Monterrey Mexico.


Form and Content. Development and presentation of projects for calls. Leunun, Monterrey Mexico.



Workshop on Self-promotion and Management, Javier Marín Foundation. Mexico City.


Contemporary Art Market, LARSCHOOL. Monterrey Mexico.


Laboratory on Creation of Editorial Platforms. LARSCHOOL. Monterrey Mexico.


Participation in the Curriculum Consultation Forum of the School of Plastic Arts "Prof. Rubén Herrera” from the Autonomous University of Coahuila. Saltillo, Mexico.



PANORAMA workshop on the international art scene, LARSCHOOL. Monterrey Mexico.


2012- 2015

Professor in the Photography degree, Universidad LCI Monterrey in the subjects: Portfolio; Final Project of Exhibition and Contemporary Photography. Monterrey Mexico



Workshop on Art Criticism. Autonomous University of Coahuila. Saltillo, Mexico



Contemporary Art Appreciation Course. Advertising agency, La Sociedad. Monterrey Mexico.


Self-promotion and Self-management Workshop for Artists. Adolfo Prieto School of the Council National for Culture and the Arts of Nuevo León (CONARTE). Monterey, Mexico.



Self-promotion and Self-management Workshop for Artists. Casa Vecina. Mexico City


Self-promotion and Management Workshop for Artists. Amparo museum. Puebla, Mexico


Self-promotion and Management Workshop for Artists. Museum of Contemporary Art of Monterrey (MARCO). Monterrey Mexico.

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