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On behalf of the members of the CONARTE arts union, I was tasked with designing a professionalization program aimed at connecting exceptional local artists. To achieve this, I structured the project into two phases. The initial phase focused on professionalization, where the selected artists were categorized into four disciplines: Two-dimensional, Three-dimensional and Intervention, New Media, and Social Integration Projects. Each discipline was assigned a local mentor (Gonzalo Ortega, Mauricio Limón, Renato Garza, and Carlos Aguirre), as well as an additional international mentor (Saúl Sánchez, Carlos Castro, Paulo Licona, and Claudia Salamanca). The artists participated in both group and personalized meetings, culminating in a final session with me to analyze the feedback provided by the mentors. Subsequently, each artist was required to periodically present their progress until they were deemed ready for the second phase of the project: Networking. For this phase, I enlisted a panel of distinguished international experts to review the artists' portfolios. The panel included curators Sonia Becce, Nathalie Anglès (Director and Founder of Residency Unlimited NY), Franklin Aguirre, Eugenio Echeverría, María Fernanda Currea (then Director of the Misol Foundation), and Spanish gallery owner Benito Padilla. The project concluded with a collective exhibition showcasing the results of each artist's process, complemented by two series of conferences offered to visiting expert groups. I conceptualized the project, designed the selection and application process, invited the experts, and provided ongoing support to each artist throughout their journey. Additionally, I conducted a workshop on portfolio development and self-promotion to prepare participants for their reviews with the invited experts. I also authored a comprehensive report and oversaw the curation, museography, and management of the final exhibition. The project yielded significant success on multiple fronts. Primarily, it equipped a generation of artists with valuable tools to enhance their artistic processes and refine their work within the art sphere. Tangibly, Nathalie Anglès' visit resulted in several artists being awarded residencies in New York. Furthermore, an exhibition was hosted at Benito Padilla's Imaginart Gallery, and artists received invitations to participate in various group exhibitions at BORDER (a space directed by Eugenio Echeverría at the time), among other accomplishments.


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