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LARSCHOOL began in 2015, quite literally in the living room of my home in Monterrey. It was an initiative that significantly contributed to nurturing and growing the local art scene through meetings, talks, courses, and initiatives. Now, in 2022, as we return to live in Mexico City, the goal is to continue with a similar spirit under the banner of Catalina Restrepo Art Office. The origins of this educational project trace back to the LivingArtRoom portal, which operated since 2006 as a website compiling artist portfolios to a high standard of quality. It later evolved into an interactive digital publication in app format called LARMAGAZINE, which was distributed worldwide for free and bilingual until 2020. The aim was always to make LARSCHOOL not just a place for workshops and courses but a meeting point for interested individuals, producers, or professionals in the art world. That's why the project was also conceived as a platform for dissemination, open to all who have in some way connected with and contributed to our community. With this in mind, we organized a series of artist talks called PrestoMiCasa. Someone would lend their home, and we'd invite three or four other artists along with everyone who had taken any courses. For private home events, we invited those we knew who had already taken courses, and for public spaces, we reached out through social media to anyone interested. On some occasions, we had over 100 attendees. In the Curatorial, Editorial & Education section of this portal, you can find video recordings of some of these talks. It was an initiative aimed at fostering and stimulating reflection on contemporary art, viewing it as an interdisciplinary activity. We operated on the conviction that the complex realm of contemporary art production deserves to be shared, studied, and questioned from various perspectives. Our workshops, lectures, courses, and diverse activities were designed to convey the meticulous environment in which art is currently produced. The instructors who led workshops, lectures, and courses within our program were professionals with extensive and proven experience in their respective fields. Above all, they were individuals known for applying their knowledge outside conventional boundaries, connecting different realms of knowledge, and building bridges in research. LARSCHOOL also served as a platform for forging connections among people, resulting in collaboration networks and the creation of projects about contemporary art. It was defined as a space to stimulate and enhance ideas, as well as a tool to materialize them in realistic scenarios appropriate to our time. While it was based in Monterrey, Mexico, LARSCHOOL also organized occasional activities in other cities.