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LivingArtRoom was established in 2006 during the early stages of social media when having a website was considered a costly technology that many artists did not have access to. It served as a platform for displaying comprehensive portfolios of various artists with the intention of presenting them to galleries and curators. Beginning in Colombia with locally recognized artists, LivingArtRoom expanded its presence to Mexico, showcasing a diverse array of emerging talent. The core principle driving this project was to emphasize that an artist's conceptual and technical prowess does not depend on the length of their career, but rather on the quality of their artistic proposals. Supported by social media and technological resources, LivingArtRoom experienced a significant surge in popularity and fostered connections among the artists, leading to the creation of a vibrant community. This initial success gave rise to subsequent projects such as LARtv, LARMAGAZINE, LARSCHOOL, LARStore, and LAR-LOCAL, which spun off from LivingArtRoom. During my involvement in the project, I undertook various responsibilities including artist scouting, organizing and optimizing artists' images and texts, facilitating connections between artists and curators, galleries, and collectors, coordinating collaborative projects, video editing, managing social media profiles, and offering advice to artists, among other tasks. Over the course of seven years, LivingArtRoom produced a remarkable total of 315 portfolios. Noteworthy artists who were featured on LivingArtRoom include Miler Lagos, Saúl Sánchez, Rochelle Costi, Rodrigo Facundo, Carlos Castro, Adriana Salazar, Julia Carrillo Escalera, Alejandra España, Horacio Quiroz, Mateo Pizarro, Mauricio Limón, Renato Garza, Floria González, Alejandra Alarcón, Alejandra Baltazares, among many others.


Some featured artists

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